So It Begins…

Welcome to my blog! A short introduction is probably in order…

I’m Natalie and I have recently moved to Peterborough with my fiancé David. We are currently in the process of navigating our way through the pricey and emotional minefield that is wedding planning!

I grew up in Ormskirk, which I try to visit as often as possible as I miss it very much. I also miss my gorgeous Bichon Frisé named Bailey who lives at my mum’s house.

I’m a proud Lancashire lass and Ravenclaw, who is a lover of books, crafts, music, nature and history… to name but a few things!

After almost 9 years of blogging on LiveJournal, I have finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and join the world of WordPress.

I will mainly be using this blog to write about places I have visited, shows I have seen and my latest projects. No doubt posts about things I love and future plans will also make frequent appearances.


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