My wardrobe, which was a replacement for the first one that broke, decided to collapse today. That meant I spent the entire morning emptying it, carrying the contents to the study (so I’d have room to build the new one) and dismantling the parts that were still standing.

It seems to me that flat-pack furniture is decreasing in quality whilst increasing in price! Things we have bought over the past few years have broken within weeks and have been very shoddy (pieces not cut correctly, holes that don’t line up correctly etc). I still have a dressing table that was built when I was seven years old and it’s still as sturdy as the day we built it.

We’ve not even been here four months yet, and I’m already on my third wardrobe! I’ve tried wooden ones, metal ones and canvas ones yet they STILL break. I have to say I’m getting pretty fed up of building the damn things now. Fingers crossed the one arriving tomorrow will be better quality…


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