Christmas Countdown Conundrum

Over the past few weeks, I have been looking high and low for an Advent Calendar for my fiancé that contains only dark chocolate, to no avail.

I was feeling pretty annoyed by the fact that he would have to miss out (yes we’re 28, but you’re never too old for Christmas!) because manufactures don’t seem to cater for people who can’t eat milk chocolate, until it struck me… why don’t I just make one myself? Which is precisely what I did.

I got him to choose a calendar and some chocolate bars that he liked, and got to work. First I carefully opened the bottom of the calendar, removed the plastic tray and popped out the chocolate so I had my mould ready.

Then I melted down the bars (three different kinds in this case) and poured them into the mould, waited for it to set, reinserted the tray into the calendar and voilà! One perfect dark chocolate advent.

Of course this could be done with any type of chocolate, including diabetic and gluten-free types. So even if you have an allergy, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your daily sweet treat during the countdown to Christmas!


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