Tutorial: Autumn Wreath

I LOVE Autumn and everything that goes with it. I also love décor that represents my favourite time of year, so when I spotted some some lovely Autumn wreaths for sale recently I just had to have one! However the prices were not-so-lovely, so I decided to make my own using various bits and bobs I had lying around!

You will need:

  • 1 x Polystyrene Half Round Ring
  • Artificial Leaf Garland
  • Decorative Acorns/Pine cones
  • Burlap Roll
  • Copper Beading Wire
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun

First you need to glue one end of the burlap roll to the flat side of the polystyrene ring and wrap it around until the ring is entirely covered. Then glue the other end to secure it. Cut off any stray threads and “tidy up” the edges:


Then start gluing on your leaves. I used a garland as it’s less time consuming, but you could always use individual leaves for a variety. As with the burlap, glue one end and wrap the garland around the ring. You can add dabs of glue to position the leaves in a certain way or just let them hang naturally:


Next add your pine cones/acorns/decorative accessories (I actually used some old Christmas decorations from last year). Use the beading wire to thread the accessories onto the wreath:


Finally you can add a larger accessory for the centre, or just leave the wreath as it is. In my case I had a pine cone squirrel which I glued to the base. Finally, use some of the beading wire to tie to the top of your wreath and make a loop so you can hang it up… and there you have it!




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