Latest Makes and Bakes

I’ve been trying a few new things with my baking and crafting recently, most of which I am pleased to say have been a success.

The other day I made some orange flavoured Halloween cupcakes and used a piping bag for the first time (instead of my usual method of using a spoon and hoping for the best) and I was really pleased with how enjoyable it was to do and how the icing turned out. I’m definitely going to have to invest in a piping set now!

I had a go at 3D Cross stitch for the first time and made a hedgehog pin cushion… It was a bit trickier than I was expecting but I got there in the end, after a few :

I also successfully baked a lemon cake using our awfully unpredictable oven (the turney button things are a lie) and it was very yummy indeed. I may attempt something more challenging than cupcakes and sponge cake in the near future… I just need to practice a little more first.

I made this Christmas dove ornament for our tree this year. It will be our first Christmas together in our own place, so I wanted to make a keepsake to mark the occasion:

Finally, I found my Clippy tote bag which I’ve spent ages looking for! I love the Clippy range, it’s such a simple idea but you can do so much with it and the various accessories you can buy means you can change it to suit pretty much any look. I decided to give mine a Bond makeover for my upcoming 007 adventure in London:

Well, I best get started on my next project…


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