Southport Festival of Speed

Event: Southport Festival of Speed
Date: 12.03.2016 – 20.03.2016
Location: Southport (Directions)
Admission: Varies
Facilities: Tea & CoffeeFoodToilets
Website: The Atkinson

The Southport Festival of Speed has been an event filled week to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Sir Henry Segrave’s land speed record, which happened on Southport’s very own beach.

I attended two of the events, the first being the Land Speed Record Re-enactment which took place on Ainsdale beach on the Wednesday. It was incredible to see the actual 1925 Sunbeam Tiger back in action in the very same place where it set the impressive 152mph record. Spectators lined up to watch the Tiger, along with a reproduction 1927 Napier Blue Bird and pre-WWII cars race along the seemingly endless stretch of sand.

The second event was Saturday’s Historic and Classic Car Procession, which invited owners of pre 1975 cars to display their vehicles along the King’s Gardens and outside The Atkinson. David was one of the judges of the Concours d’Elegance which took place in the afternoon, followed by a parade along Southport’s main thoroughfare. It was lovely to see classic cars driving past the beautiful Victorian buildings which grace the length of Lord Street.

I hope the success of both these and the other events that happened throughout the week will encourage Southport to host more events like these in the future!


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