Brooklands Mini Day 2016

Event: Brooklands Mini Day 2016
Date: 03.04.2016
Location: Brooklands Museum, Weybridge (Directions)
Admission: £30 Family, £11 Adult, £10 Student, £10 Senior Citizen, £6 Child (Under 5’s go free)
Facilities: Tea & CoffeeFoodToiletsPlay Area
Website: Brooklands Museum

I’m a big fan of the Mini so I was really looking forward to the annual Brooklands Mini Day, and I wasn’t disappointed! All variations of Mini were included in the event and owners could display their car as part of a club or separately. Drivers could also tackle Test Hill to see how well their Mini performed on the steep gradients.

As well as being treated to displays of all makes of Mini around the grounds, visitors could also look around the wonderful aviation and motoring exhibits. The London Bus Museum is also well worth a visit and included in your museum admission fee. For an additional fee (£5 Adults, £3 Children) you can climb aboard the Brooklands Concorde and have a guided tour of the amazing aircraft.

There were plenty of stalls to visit for Mini merchandise and parts, as well as several places to eat throughout the day. The Sunbeam Café has a soft play area for younger children to enjoy and good family facilitates. I had a great day out and I can’t wait for my next visit to Brooklands next weekend!

Don’t miss the full report in Classic Car Weekly next week.


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