G is for Garland

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What is it?
A garland is a decorative string that can be hung like bunting, they can be made from all kinds of materials from beads and flowers to popcorn, paper and felt.

What do I need?
There are so many types of garland you can make, but I’m just going to cover the easiest, which are the ones made from paper. For these you will just need some coloured paper, a ruler, a pencil and scissors.

How do I make it?
To make a paper chain garland, simply cut coloured paper into equal strips, take one strip and tape the ends together to create a circle, then slide the next paper strip through that circle and tape the ends together. Continue doing this until the chain is the length you require. Another popular type of chain garland is the paper doll, there’s a great tutorial on Aunt Annie’s Crafts you can follow.

A2ZG1 Pip

Paper chains! by Pip on Flickr, CC 2.0

Why do you like it?
Garlands are a very cheap and quick way to decorate a room, you can do them any colour or theme you like which makes them ideal for birthday parties and Christmas. They’re also great for adding a splash of colour to a room all year around.

What’s your favourite material to work with? I’d love to see pictures of your garlands!


15 thoughts on “G is for Garland

  1. josna says:

    Ah, garlands! Garlands make me happy. Your post revived contented memories of making paper chains. And in India, beautiful flower garlands–for the hair in a hot summer’s night, for VIPs, for the gods–garland are being made everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

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