J is for Jars

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What are they?
Jars can be made from glass, plastic or ceramic and are mainly used for storing foods and liquids, most have a screw crap but they can also have a cork stopper.

Where can I buy them?
You can buy empty jars from craft and kitchen shops, but I prefer to save my used jam and chutney jars. Just wash them thoroughly and they will be as good as new without costing you extra!

What can I use them for?
Jars can be used to make snow globes, desk tidies, terrariums, candle holders, storage, gifts and vases to name but a few! You can embellish them with pretty much anything, most of which you may already have lying around the house. Pinterest has loads of great ideas to get you started.

Why do you like them?
I love how versatile jars are and that you can create something beautiful from such an everyday object. My favourite projects are the candle holders, but I really want to try a snow globe next.

What ideas have caught your eye? I’d love to see what you’ve made with your jars!


24 thoughts on “J is for Jars

  1. Kevin J Railsback says:

    I love the idea of using leave with fall color to make luminaries! That is certainly on my to do list this year!

    I saw a post on Facebook where someone wrapped rubber bands in random patterns on a jar, spray painted them then when it was dry they took off the rubber bands and had a cool looking candle holder.

    If I remember correctly you just use Hodge Podge to coat the jar with the leaves to make the luminaries. Can’t wait to try that one!

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  2. IowaMeetsMaui says:

    I love my old blue jars. When we bought our old farmhouse in Iowa, there were loads of old canning jars in the basement. I learned to can just so I could use them the way the previous owner did. It was a nice connection to the past. Now life is busy with teenagers and I mostly store nuts and dried fruit in my jars.

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