K is for Knitting

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What is it?
Knitting is the process of interlocking loops of yarn to create rows, which will form different structures depending on the pattern you’re using. It’s frequently used to make items of clothing such as jumpers, scarves and gloves as well as soft toys. Knitting can be done with needles, your fingers or with a knitting machine and you can create many different styles using different knitting stitches. The most basic of these are the knit and purl stitches, which are used in stockinette (also known as stocking stitch) and garter stitch patterns.

What do I need?
The basics you need for knitting are simply two knitting needles, a ball of yarn, a pattern to follow and a pair of scissors. However, it’s also handy to have a measuring tape, stitch markers, yarn needles, point protectors and a row counter, especially if you’re working on a larger project.

How do I make it?
The first thing to master when you start out is how to cast on and basic stitches. There are some great step-by-step guides with diagrams that you can follow on How to Knit.

A2ZK2 Stefani

Knit! by Stefani on Flickr, CC 2.0

Why do you like it?
I’m still learning how to advance my knitting skills, but I’ve made plenty of scarves for my friends in the process! I like the fact I can do other things like watch a film whilst knitting (providing I don’t get too distracted) and it’s rather therapeutic at the same time.

What’s your favourite method of knitting? Do you have any tips for beginners? I’d love to hear from you!


26 thoughts on “K is for Knitting

  1. Jeanne Bryan Insalaco says:

    I’m a knitter and belong to great knitting groups on Facebook. I made 9 of the popular Baa-ble sheet hats over the winter. First time doing the Fairaisle stitching and enjoyed it. My daughter recently learned after years of me nagging her – she loves it but not much time with two small girls.

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  2. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    I don’t knit but I have a friend who does and he uses the finest threads and has made me two gorgeous scarves. His work is incredible. He also does quilting. Stunning work. His sewing machine cost over $7000!

    Michele at Angels Bark

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  3. Elise Ronan says:

    Knitting was a great passion. I loved how you could create such beautiful works of art. Actually I mostly enjoyed knitting Irish cable sweaters. It’s just amazing what you can make yarn do with a few well placed sticks.

    I would tell beginners to start slow. Learn the basics of knit and purl. Don’t get too adventurous too fast or you will only get frustrated and stop knitting before you learn how wonderful it can be. But most important, go to a good yarn store that has people who can teach you…or better learn from an older relative who’d love to spend time with you. That of course is the best way to learn.

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    • Natalie says:

      Thank you so much for your great tips 🙂 I agree starting slowly is the key, I learnt from my grandmother, which made it even more enjoyable 🙂


  4. Fran says:

    I’m a crochet fan but knitted when we lived in a colder place. My Aunt knitted so many baby clothes. She always had something on the go. Knitting has great memories for me.
    A to Z visitor. Fran @travelgenee
    from the TravelGenee Blog

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