X is for X-Stitch*

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*Cross-Stitch really, but I had to find an X somewhere!

What is it?
Cross-Stitch is a needlework technique which uses stitches to form a picture. The X is formed by a diagonal stitch from one corner to another (for example top left to bottom right) which is then repeated in reverse (bottom left to top right). The most commonly used fabric to stitch on is linen, aida or evenweave. The easiest of these to use is aida because it has clear squares, which makes following your cross stitch pattern much easier.

Kitten 4/4

Cross-Stitch birthday card

What do I need?
If you buy a cross-stitch kit, it will usually have everything included that you need to make a particular design. If you have found a pattern in a book or online, you will need adia, needles, embroidery floss, an embroidery hoop, pin cushion and scissors. Cross Stitch UK has a fantastic range of patterns, accessories and kits.

How do I make it?
There are hundreds (if not thousands) of cross-stitch patterns and kits for every skill level, most are very easy to follow but if you’re not confident with half-stitches or French knots it’s best to start out with a basic design first. The Cross Stitch Guild has some great tips to get you started!

A2ZX 1

A selection of cross-stitch kits, pin cushion and pomander

Why do you like it?
I’m somewhat of a cross-stitch addict, I buy all of the magazines I can get my hands on and have several books and folders of patterns saved… not that I’ll ever have the time to make all of them! Over the years I’ve made bookmarks, pomanders, jewellery, pin cushions, birth announcements, cards and pictures to name but a few. My ongoing project is my Lilac Flower Fairy which I really need to start working on again!

Sewing Supplies

My suitcase of sewing supplies

What’s been your favourite design to stitch? I’d love to see your pictures!


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