Y is for Yoghurt Pots

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What are they?
Similar to jars, yoghurt pots come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be very useful after they’ve fulfilled their purpose as a yoghurt container!

Where can I buy them?
Supermarkets, shops… basically anywhere that sells yoghurt! Just rinse them out and dry thoroughly after you’ve eaten your yoghurt.

What can I use them for?
Yoghurt pots can be uses to grow seedlings, made into bird feeders, used as pen holders (which you can decorate with Washi tape) and they’re fantastic for kid’s crafts to make animals, puppets and ornaments. There are lots of ideas over on Pinterest you can try!

Why do you like them?
I remember watching a Blue Peter episode when I was little, and they used a ‘corner’ yoghurt pot to make a witch puppet. We kept the one I made for years and I loved it! Such a simple idea but it worked so well! I will have to make a new one this year…

What’s your favourite yoghurt pot craft? I’d love to see your pictures!


5 thoughts on “Y is for Yoghurt Pots

  1. Janet Miles says:

    I don’t save the ones with the foil tops but I do save the clear ones with the closable plastic tops. I use them for keeping my used baby wipes moist in the craft room. Thanks for sharing!

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