Tutorial: Orange Pomanders

Orange Pomanders are lovely festive decorations that smell wonderful and are so easy to make! I’ve made these every year since I can remember and they never fail to brighten up the house. There are two main types of pomander, ones you can hang up and ones used for centrepieces, both of which can be made with the same simple supplies.

You will need:

  • Whole Cloves
  • Large Oranges
  • Festive Ribbon
  • Needle/Pin
  • Lino Cutter (optional)

First you take your ribbon and tie it around the orange (it helps to secure the ribbon with a pin whilst you’re tying it) once or twice depending on your preferred design. If you’re making a hanging pomander, ensure you leave enough ribbon to make a loop at the top.

Next, if  you’re using a lino cutter you can carve designs into the peel. These can be as intricate or as simple as you wish. Make sure you do this gently so the white pith is still visible after you’ve removed the peel.


After you’ve finished carving, you can add your cloves. I find it helps to pierce the orange with a needle where you want to place a clove as it makes it much easier to push the clove in and prevents the stalk from snapping.


When you have finished adding your cloves your pomander is done! If you want to preserve your creations you will need to let them dry out in a shady spot. It can take several weeks for them to dry completely, but you can speed up the process by putting them in the oven at a very low heat for a few hours. If your pomanders start to lose their scent you can add a few drops of clove oil to them and they’ll be as good as new!


Happy Crafting!


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