VSCC New Year Driving Tests

Event: The Vintage Sports-Car Club New Year Driving Tests
Date: 29.01.2017
Location: Brooklands Museum, Weybridge (Directions)
Admission: £30 Family, £11 Adult, £10 Student, £10 Senior Citizen, £6 Child (Under 5’s go free)
Facilities: Tea & CoffeeFoodToiletsPlay Area
Website: Brooklands Museum

The VSCC New Year Driving Tests offered something different at Brooklands today. Instead of the usual display of cars, the pre-war vehicles taking part had to complete a series of complicated courses that were laid out across the museum grounds in the quickest time possible.

It’s really quite something to watch these 1920’s and 30’s cars speeding around tight circuits and tackling the Test Hill. The wonderful thing I find with VSCC events is just how much the drivers enjoy themselves and they’re not at all afraid of getting their cars muddy or pushing them to the limit… it makes for some great spectator viewing!

I’m looking forward to going to more VSCC events in the future, if this and the Lakeland Trial are anything to go by they’re certain to be a great day out.

Keep an eye out for the the full report in Classic Car Weekly


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