#WeekendCoffeeShare: If We Were Having Coffee on 12th February 2017

Thanks for joining me for this Weekend Coffee Share, created by Diana at Part Time Monster.

If we were having coffee today you would be joining my husband and I in Shepton Mallet. We had a lovely day yesterday seeing the sights in Bristol (such as the The Clifton Suspension Bridge and the SS Great Britain) and today we’re at the Great Western Classic Car Show, which is a new event for us.

So how has life treated you since we last spoke? I’ve been adding the final touches to the house now that everything is sorted. I’m looking forward to the weather getting warmer and drier so  I can get started on the garden… I’m a total novice when it comes to gardening but I’ll give it my best shot! The first thing I need to do is reclaim the flowerbeds.

With all the cleaning that’s been going on I just haven’t had the energy to sit down and write properly for a while. I feel bad for neglecting my blog and I really want to get back into a proper posting routine, especially before the A-Z Challenge comes back around! There are one or two trips I would’ve liked to add to the ‘Places I’ve Been‘, but I feel it’s been left a little too long for me to write about them now.

Also with ‘Torque Shows‘ I’ve decided to only write about new car shows I’ve been to (unless they have changed significantly since the last time I went) as they are pretty much the same each year… that doesn’t make them bad events but there’s only so much you can write about if nothing ever changes! Are there changes you’d like to make with your blog? Do you find it hard to stick to a posting schedule?

I saw T2 Trainspotting on Thursday which was brilliant, it’s been ages since I saw a film in the cinema which was decent so that, combined with the luxurious new seats (leather with electric foot and back rests) almost made up for the ticket price! I know I’ve said it before, but ticket prices are SO expensive these days! It really puts me off going to the cinema which is a shame as I used to go several times a month. Do you go to watch films regularly or do you wait until they’re on DVD/Netflix? Is there a franchise that you will always pay to see no matter what?

If we were having coffee today I would ask if you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? We’re going out for a meal which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve only celebrated it for the past three years, so it’s still rather novel to me but I know some people hate it.

Well I guess I’ve rambled enough! Thank you for joining for this Coffee Share, I hope you have a lovely week ahead whatever your plans are. Don’t forget to visit my fellow bloggers for a cuppa and a catch up!


6 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: If We Were Having Coffee on 12th February 2017

  1. Dale says:

    How exciting to start something new (gardening) and getting a house all nice and prepped to our specs. I have to agree, the price of movies is exorbitant… So glad we have Cheapie Tuesdays here in Montreal, where tickets are half-price. They still rob you blind in the popcorn department so, I’ve learnt to do without…

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  2. scr4pl80 says:

    Glad you will be doing the A to Z again! We are in the process of refinancing our house so a big clean is happing this weekend since the appraiser is coming tomorrow. Wish us luck that it appraises high! We’ve been watching lots of movies on Netflix and through Apple TV so haven’t gone to the movies in a while. I got a “Treasure Scavenger Hunt” trip for my husband and I to take for Valentines day. I hope he likes it! Happy weekend!

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