B is for Barry Manilow

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Artist: Barry Manilow

Song: Can’t Smile Without You

Album: Even Now

Watched Perform: 1990, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016

At just four years old, Barry was the first artist I ever saw in concert. I can’t remember much, but I do remember how colourful ‘Copacabana’ was and how sparkly the outfits were… That moment is probably to blame for my love of musical theatre and over the top costumes!

His songs mean a lot to me as my mum is a huge fan, so I grew up listening to them and they are present in my earliest and most fondest memories. Mum and I always go to the concerts together and I love singing and dancing along to every line with her.

I have so many favourite songs… ranging from the silliness off ‘Bermuda Triangle’ to the upbeat ‘Daybreak’ or melodic ‘Could It Be Magic’, but my favourite will always be ‘Can’t Smile Without You’ which is the first song I learnt all the words to.


13 thoughts on “B is for Barry Manilow

  1. djinnia says:

    ah, the tormentor of my life. Mr. Manilow himself. I have a name song sung by him that has hounded me all my life. shudder.

    but i actually do love his new england song. shh, don’t tell my mom that.

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  2. coolkidandy says:

    His songs are quite popular in my country — I used to hear people singing “Somewhere Down the Road” and “Weekend in New England” in karaoke bars! Oh I miss those days! I wonder what you have for C!

    Name: Andy
    Blog: coolkidandy.wordpress.com
    #AtoZChallenge Theme: Chinese Adventure
    Topic for “B”‪: Bāxiān guòhǎi (八仙过海 Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea)‬

    Read more about that popular Chinese story in my #AtoZChallenge: Chinese Adventure on coolkidandy.wordpress.com.

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  3. Elaine says:

    I love Barry Manilow, too! The grocery store where I work still plays “I Write the Songs” on a regular basis…probably just for me! How wonderful that you and your mom share the love of music and going to concerts together! Great theme for the Blogging Challenge – keep up the great work!

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    • Natalie says:

      Your store has great taste 😉 Such a lovely song as well. I love going to shows with her, they make great memories for the both of us 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. Joe Owens says:

    Natalie I am not a huge Barry fan, but I have heard some of his songs I enjoy. I love music, so definitely want to see the other artists you highlight.

    I am laying out the plot of a new historical fiction novel over my 26 A to Z posts. I’d love to have you stop by.

    The Steel Horse Saviors is a story about three civil war veterans who head west in 1866 with their Steam Locomotive to seek their fortune. They encounter a beautiful redhead trying desperately to save her family business.

    Joe @ the Fiction Playground visiting from the A to Z Challenge

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