P is for Paul McCartney

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Artist: Paul McCartney

Song: Silly Love Songs

Album: Band on the Run

Watched Perform:ย 2003, 2008

I’m a huge Beatles fan and my favourite member is Paul, I think his lyrics are wonderful and I’m so fortunate that I have been able to see him perform several times. A highlight for me in 2014 was visiting 20 Forthlin Road, his childhood home.

I grew up with his music and had a phase of watching ‘Yellow Submarine‘ every single day when I was little. My favourite song is ‘Silly Love Songs’ because it’s so upbeat and I love the bass throughout.

It’s hard to pick an album but ‘Band on the Run’ is one of my favourites as it has ‘Jet’, ‘Bluebird’ and ‘Let Me Roll It’ on it (as well as the title track of course) all of which are fantastic songs.


12 thoughts on “P is for Paul McCartney

  1. Geraint Isitt says:

    I swear I remember Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air singing this song.
    Some of McCartney’s solo stuff was really good though

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