T is for Take That

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Artist: Take That

Song: Rule The World

Album: Everything Changes & Progress

Watched Perform: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2017

I first became aware of Take That in 1992, when they released a cover of Barry Manilow’s ‘Could It Be Magic‘ and from that moment I fell in love! I watched all of their TV appearances, bought all of the merchandise (posters, bedding, dolls, perfume… you name it, I had it!) and at least once a week my best friend would come over and watch their concerts with me. These days I just collect the singles and albums, which I’m sure my husband is very thankful for!

When they broke up in 1996, I continued to follow Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow and Mark Owen’s solo careers, always wishing that one day that would reunite. As the years went by and Robbie became more and more successful and the others faded into the background I accepted that it would probably never happen… until one day in 2006 they announced they were getting back together (minus Robbie), I was absolutely ecstatic!

I used to run a successful fansite for Gary until he finally got his own official website and during that time I was able to meet Gary and the rest of the guys several times. Take That were always hugely successful here in the UK back in the 90’s, but since coming back that popularity has absolutely sky-rocketed and their tickets sell out in minutes… luckily I’ve not missed a tour yet! I’ve also seen the unofficial musical ‘Never Forget‘ several times and have tickets to see the official musical ‘The Band‘ next year, which I’m looking forward to.

Robbie finally rejoined the band in 2010 and it was an absolute dream come true for me to see all of them performing together again. I have two favourite albums, the first is ‘Everything Changes’ from the 90’s era and the second is ‘Progress’ from the new era, they’re both wildly different but fantastic in their own way. My favourite song changes from week to week, but at the moment it’s ‘Rule The World’ from the film ‘Stardust’.


8 thoughts on “T is for Take That

  1. Wolf of Words says:

    Awesome! I never knew that Robbie Wiliams had an earlier band. I was just discussing groups that broke up and created other good groups as a result, too. They definitely have a really cool/epic sound. (Checking in from the A to Z Challenge)

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