What’s In The Box? Shaun the Sheep Mini Marshmallow Cake Kit Review

It’s been a while since I’ve used a cake kit, but I couldn’t resist trying these cute ‘Shaun the Sheep’ marshmallow cupcakes!

Brand: Green’s (Product Details)
Makes: 12 Cupcakes
What You Get: Cardboard Background, Vanilla Cake Mix, Vanilla Icing Mix, Marshmallows, Waferettes, Cupcake Cases
What You Need: 1 Medium Egg, Cold Water

First pre-heat your oven to 185°C (160°C for a fan oven) and arrange the 12 cupcake cases on a baking tray. Then whisk the vanilla cake mix, egg and 35ml of cold water together for 2 minutes until you have a smooth mixture.

Spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases in equal amounts and bake in the centre of your oven for 10-12 minutes until golden brown. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

Once the cakes are cool, mix the Vanilla Icing powder with 10ml* of cold water until it forms a spreadable paste. Cover the top of each cupcake with the icing and sprinkle marshmallows over the top. Then add a waferette to each cupcake using some icing to secure it.

*I found I needed to use about 30ml to make my icing spreadable enough. Make sure you add the extra water very gradually… you don’t want to make it too runny!

Finally cut out the picture from the back of the box to make your background and you’re all done!

These cakes were quick and easy to make, tasted lovely and the sponge was nice and fluffy. The kit came with more than enough marshmallows to cover the cakes (I had about half a bag left over) but the cardboard background was far too small to really add anything to the cake display. Overall I would give this kit 4/5


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