Porsches on the Prom 2017

Event: Porsches on the Prom
Date: 21.05.2017
Location: Llandudno Promenade (Directions)
Admission: Free
Facilities: Tea & CoffeeFoodToiletsDog Friendly
Website: Porsche Club Great Britain

Each time I’ve seen Llandudno’s charming promenade playing host to classic cars it has always been the depths of winter, so it was a welcome change to attend this impressive display of 580 Porsches in such lovely weather.

Porsches on the Prom was a free event which offered classic Porsche fans the chance to see hundreds of 911s, 944s and 914s (and a few rarer models) lined up along the Victorian seafront. With plenty of places to eat and attractions close by, this was the ideal event for families to enjoy.

Porsche Club Great Britain used the event to raise money for the local children’s hospice Ty Gobaith/Hope House. To find out more about the club and upcoming events, please visit their website.

Don’t miss the the full report in Classic Car Weekly


3 thoughts on “Porsches on the Prom 2017

      • scr4pl80 says:

        I’ve had a silver Gremlin and then a red TR7. Those were my most interesting cars, when I was young and single. Mom mini-van while the kids were growing up and now Honda CRV – almost cool again. I’m too old to try to bend my body into one of those small things now. Plus, I like being up higher on the road too.

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