S is for Scrapbooking…

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What is it?
A Scrapbook contains pages of collages which are made with your favourite pictures and memories. Pages are usually themed, depending on the pictures you use. For example, if you were scrapbooking a graduation, you would use embellishments and paper which are related to university and graduating.


Examples of Spiral Bound and Post Bound scrapbooks

What do I need?
First you need to decide which kind of scrapbook you want to work with. The main types are Spiral Bound (these have a set number of plain pages, usually with solid blocks of colour), Refillable (these can either be Post Bound, Snap Bound or Ring Bound and come with plastic wallet pages which you slide your pages into). The main album sizes are 12 x 12 inch and 8 x 8 inch, but you can also find A4 sized in the Spiral Bound style.

If you use a refillable album, you will need to buy the correct sized scrapbook paper, which comes in a huge range of styles, themes and colours. My absolute favourite place to buy my scrapbooking supplies is from Sunshine Scrapbooking, who have a gorgeous range of papers and embellishments. You will usually have page protectors included in your refillable album, but it doesn’t hurt to buy some more if you’re planning on expanding your book.

You can decorate your pages any way you like, stickers, washi tape, stamps and embellishments are great for enhancing your layout. You will also need to use an acid-free adhesive to protect your precious photographs and preserve your lovely pages, tape pens are ideal for this.

How do I make it?
Once you have decided on the theme of your page, you can select the paper and embellishments that compliment your pictures the most. Before you sick anything down, arrange your pictures on the page to suit the look you’re going for. There’s no right or wrong way to design your page, but if you’d rather follow a layout, Scrapbook.com has some great ideas you can try.


Scrapbook paper, stickers, washi tape, stamps and pens

Why do you like it?
I started my first scrapbook when I was 16 and have made one a year ever since. They’re more precious to me than I simple photo album because I can add souvenirs and notes to each page which adds to the memories. My personal favourite is a 12 x 12 post bound album, because it’s a great size to fit a lot of pictures on, there are so many lovely scrapbooking papers I can use and I can rearrange the pages when I like. I also like to use the spiral bound kind for things like newspaper clippings and letters, which can be read without having to remove the page from the protective wallet.


Scrapbook pages featuring my dog, Bailey

What’s your favourite kind of scrapbook album to work with? Do you prefer pages with lots going on or a single picture that stands out?


Scrapbooks & Wreaths

I don’t have any cross-stitch updates at the moment as I’ve been studying for my latest IT qualification and working on my scrapbook to get it up-to-date.

My favourite places to buy my scrapbooking materials at the moment are Sunshine Scrapbooking (who have some gorgeous papers and embellishments, including Harry Potter and Disney themes) and The Works. If anyone has any other recommendations for any other good value scrapbooking sites or crafts in general please do let me know.

Today have also been making an Easter wreath out of wool and felt embellishments, which turned out very well despite Bailey’s best efforts to eat the supplies!