Best of Bailey 2016

We’ve had another entertaining year, thanks to Bailey’s adorable antics!

Thank you once again to the lovely ladies at Paw Couture who keep him looking wonderful and to the great staff at Parker And Crowther Veterinary Surgeons who make sure he’s healthy.

As always, it was really hard to pick just a few pictures but here are some of my favourites from 2016!


Wonderful Wensleydale

David and I (along with my mum, sister and Bailey) have recently returned from a lovely mini-break in and around Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria. We stayed at the absolutely wonderful Court House in grounds of Leck Hall which was the perfect place to switch off for a few days, with its beautifully decorated rooms, log fire, enclosed garden, two bathrooms and library.

Our first stop on our adventure was lunch at the Tan Hill Inn, which is the highest in Britain standing at 1,732 feet (528m) above sea level. It’s a very animal friendly pub (including sheep and ducks) so Bailey was more than welcome to join us inside, which always gets bonus points from us.

After lunch we went to the Wensleydale Creamery (Bailey had to sit this one out) and had a wander around the museum before trying some of the many different samples of cheese. All of them were absolutely delicious and we had a hard time not buying the entire range. In the end we chose Mature Cheddar Black Sheep Riggwelter Ale, Naturally Smoked Cheddar, Red Leicester and Premium Fountains Gold Cheddar. For me it was a tie between the smoked and ale cheeses, I’ll just have to buy some more to come up with a definitive answer… what a shame!

On our way to the Court House we stopped to take Bailey for a walk by the Ribblehead Viaduct, which he enjoyed despite being a bit hesitant due to meeting some strange woolly creatures called sheep for the first time. Finally after navigating through gates, over draining gulleys and around cows we arrived at the former Georgian coach house and settled in for the evening.

The next day we went to the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway to catch the steam train to Lake Windermere. My sister and I spotted some beautiful owls on the platform which had come from the Owl Sanctuary, so before boarding the train we were able to hold them for a while and pet them (very gently of course). Once we’d arrived at Lakeside, we boarded one of the Windermere Lake Cruises and headed to Ambleside. Bailey has never been on a boat before, so we were apprehensive about how he would react, but he wasn’t bothered in the slightest… he was too busy loving the attention from our fellow passengers!

We had lunch at the Wateredge Inn once we reached Ambleside and the food was absolutely superb! They’re another very dog friendly pub and will let you sit inside with them, which was ideal as the weather started to turn rather chilly. Afterwards we had a wander around the shops including one of my favourite sweet shops, Friars, for some chocolaty goodness before heading back to the boat.

The morning of our final day was spent at Aira Force which is a lovely waterfall surrounded by woodland. Unfortunately due to a combination of pouring rain, a stubborn dog who refuses to get wet and my bad ankle the only person who got to enjoy the view was David, whilst the rest of us enjoyed the tearoom. Before heading home we had lunch at the Pooley Bridge Inn, which ended up as an adventure in itself as mum’s food was still cooking as it arrived which managed to set the smoke alarm off, twice, and resulted in a coughing fit that had the entire pub staring at us… oops!

We had a fantastic break with plenty of good food, amazing views and lovely people. It’s so nice to be able to visit a place that is so dog friendly, it makes life so much easier. I wish more places were accessible to dog owners like the Lakes are, but until that happens it’s a great excuse to keep going back!

Best of Bailey 2015

Our Bailey Boo has grown so much this past year! It was so hard to pick some of my favourite pictures, but I particularly love the ones below.

I want to say thank you to the wonderful ladies at Paw Couture who keep him so fluffy and the lovely staff at Parker And Crowther Veterinary Surgeons who ensure he’s healthy. I’d also like to thank AF Photography once again for Bailey’s fabulous photo shoot.

Here’s to another year of adventures with this crazy fluffball!

So much to do, so little time to do it…

Hello again! It looks like this will be yet another summary post as I’ve been rushed off my feet again and my free time is now spent volunteering for the British Heart Foundation which is a very important charity to me, and I really enjoy helping out in our local store.

♥ I’m sad to see yet another chapter in the Harry Potter world come to an end, as Pottermore announced they are going to “move beyond the gates of Hogwarts” and change the site as we know it. I have loved exploring every single moment/chapter of Harry’s story and Hogwarts, and I shall miss it terribly. If you’re a member, don’t forget to download your personalised certificate by the 16th September!

♥ David and I visited the National Media Museum in Bradford, and I definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in the area. There are loads of things to see and plenty of interactive sections (including a floor of old arcade and console games, which you can play) and best of all entry is free!

♥ We have also been to the Bradford Classic Car Show, Passion for Power Classic Motor Show, Ormskirk MotorFest and The Oulton Park Gold Cup, all of which were entirely different styles of car show, but all equally entertaining (although I will always have a soft spot for the MotorFest because it’s my hometown).

♥ It was Bailey’s first birthday on the 21st August and I can’t believe how much he’s grown already! Naturally he was spoilt rotten by us and had a lovely mini birthday cake and his favourite food for dinner.

♥ I’ve put my Lilac Fairy on hold for now, as I just don’t have enough to time to sit down and concentrate on it at the moment. Instead I’ve been working on smaller projects, such as this monogram pendant and chocolate cupcakes:

♥ Wedding planning is picking up speed now, even though we’ve done a lot, there’s still SO much more to sort out! I would be completely lost if it wasn’t for Weddingspot, which has been fantastically helpful so far. I’m also very excited for my next dress fitting with Kirsty at the end of the month!

♥ I’m loving the latest products from Lush at the moment, especially The Experimenter (which is an explosion of rainbow colours) and Pink Flamingo, which smells divine. Skydancer is also gorgeous, and it’s for a good cause too!

♥ Finally, we went to see The Man from U.N.C.L.E. the other week, which was pure brilliance:

Walk, Walk, Fashion, Bailey

Bailey’s photographs from his photo shoot were ready to collect today, and I’m absolutely delighted with them.

We selected our favourites on Tuesday, which already looked lovely, but that’s nothing compared to how fantastic they look printed and framed.

Abbi has done a wonderful job and I definitely recommend her! For details and prices, please visit her website AF Photography or Facebook page.

Oh and I must thank the lovely staff at Paw Couture for making Bailey look gorgeous as ever for his photographs!

Fire Pits & Paw Prints

We’ve spent most of today in the garden, getting things ready for summer. Mum has been painting the shed, which she is turning into a beach hut (more on that in a later post) whilst I have been building a fire pit.

I absolutely love the design, it reminds me of a cauldron. Bailey “helped” by inspecting every piece to make sure it met his standards:

Afterwards he did some painting of his own (using doggie friendly paint), with help from my sister and I. He absolutely loved it and thought it was the best game ever!


Little Fluffy Cloud

I can’t help but share some pictures of Bailey after his visit to Paw Couture yesterday. I always love taking him there because they’re so lovely and do a fantastic job… and he always looks so fluffy and smells amazing after!

We’ve also arranged for him to have his portrait done after his next grooming session with AF Photography, which I am really looking forward to seeing!

Bailey Discovers Sand

Our little fluffball Bailey went to the sand dunes for the first time at the weekend. He’s never seen sand before and he absolutely LOVED it!

After running around like crazy, he then discovered the BEST THING EVER… DIGGING!


Today was the day Bailey was finally allowed to go on his first walk. Something he’s been desperate to do ever since he discovered there was a whole fascinating world behind the front door!

He was so well behaved and inquisitive about everything. We were constantly stopped by people wanting to pet him and he was loving the attention! The only thing he was a bit nervous of was the occasional car that drove past, but I’m sure he’ll soon get used to them.

Bailey recently learnt how to get up stairs all on his own too. He’s never been shown or prompted, I just woke up one morning to find him halfway up the staircase! Now all he has to do is master going back down again…